Technical Details

This Trojan downloads another program and launches it on the victim machine without the user's knowledge or consent. It is a Java Script scenario within an HTML document. It is 181 bytes in size.


Once an infected page is opened in the browser, the Trojan in a hidden frame attempts to open the resource, located at the following link:


At the time of writing, this link was inactive.

Removal Instructions

If your computer does not have antivirus protection and has been infected by this malicious program, follow the instructions below to delete it:

  1. Delete the original Trojan file (its location will depend on how the program originally penetrated the infected computer).
  2. Empty the Temporary Internet Files folder, which contains infected files (How to delete infected files from Temporary Internet Files folder?):
    %Temporary Internet Files%
  3. Perform a full scan of the computer using Kaspersky Anti-Virus with up-to-date antivirus databases (download a trial version).

[MD5: 31c75535c2eb59aa0dcc6009634e492a]

[SHA1: 756c84435997fe36e203904dbf535316fddbc1d2]