Once launched, the Trojan downloads a file from the following link:


At the time of writing, this link was inactive.

The downloaded file is saved in the current user's temporary directory under the name:


The Trojan then launches this file for execution and ceases running.

Removal Instructions

If your computer does not have antivirus protection and has been infected by this malicious program, follow the instructions below to delete it:

  1. Delete the following file:
  2. Delete the original Trojan file (its location will depend on how the program originally penetrated the infected computer).
  3. Perform a full scan of the computer using Kaspersky Anti-Virus with up-to-date antivirus databases (download a trial version).

MD5: 22f4b65bcd10bdd47fdab3feedfe748b
SHA1: 62b17d52912f8d5478eb1bec3c0d4738f543f701

Technical Details

This Trojan downloads other malicious programs from the Internet and launches them for execution without the user's knowledge. It is a Windows .Net application (PE EXE file). It is 6656 bytes in size. It is written in Visual Basic .Net.